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Do I need to wear a motorcycle helmet in Oklahoma?

Now that spring is here and it’s time to get out the motorcycles, you may need a refresher on helmet laws. In the state of Oklahoma motorcycle helmets are only required for riders who are under the age of 18, while those over 18 can choose to wear a helmet or not.

Here are a few other Oklahoma motorcycle laws that you may need to be reminded of:

  • It’s illegal for two or more motorcycles to operate next to each other in the same lane.
  • Motorcyclists must wear eye protection such as goggles, unless they have a windscreen.
  • Motorcyclists must use a headlight, even during the daytime.

Before you make the decision to ride without a motorcycle helmet, it’s important to acknowledge the risks. Even if you are a great or expert motorcyclist, that doesn’t mean that you are protected from other drivers’ mistakes.

As a personal injury law firm, we have seen first-hand the horrible consequences of motorcycle accidents. In fact, the most common type of motorcycle accidents are those involving other vehicles, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports.

Many of these accidents are caused by other drivers who fail to see motorcyclists, and there was little if anything the motorcyclists could have done to avoid the crash.

Motorcyclists are often left severely injured in these accidents, and traumatic brain injuries are likely if a helmet was not worn. Traumatic brain injuries can turn an entire family’s life upside down and result in memory loss, loss of cognitive ability, personality changes and other impairments.

Perhaps the worst part is that the other drivers and their insurance companies often try to blame motorcyclist for the accident, which is why it’s essential for the injured motorcyclist to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on their side.

So while it’s not required by the law for all riders to wear a helmet in Oklahoma, not wearing one is probably a risk that you’ll want to avoid.