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Drivers have a cow after cattle truck overturns in Oklahoma

Oklahoma residents are familiar with seeing livestock as they drive through the state’s rural areas, but they aren’t used to having to maneuver around the animals on the interstate.

A section of Interstate 40 in Pottawatomie County became a hectic scene early Thursday morning after a semi-truck hauling around 120 head of cattle overturned, spilling the large animals out onto the highway. 

The accident occurred just after 4 a.m., and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation shut down both lanes on the interstate shortly after.

However, many of the cattle made a run for it and were spotted up to five miles in both directions of the accident scene. Law enforcement said the cattle posed a threat to public safety for much of the morning, and drivers were advised to use extreme caution on I-40.

In fact, at least one other truck overturned while trying to avoid an animal in the road, and injuries were reported to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol as a result of the accidents.

At this point, the cause of the accident is unknown, but it is likely that the driver of the cattle truck, the driver’s employer or the owner of the truck could potentially be held liable for injuries and property damage resulting from the accident.

However, determining liability could get complex if it turns out that another vehicle was involved in the overturn. For example, if another driver was in the wrong lane and caused the driver of the cattle truck to swerve and overturn, then that driver could be liable.

Ultimately, everyone involved in the accident will need to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can represent their rights and interests.