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Samsung’s “see-through” truck could save lives

Oklahoma motorists may find it interesting that a new technology has been developed that allows drivers to “see through” semi-trucks on the road and determine when it is safe to pass them. The technology, known as a “safety truck,” was created by Samsung, the South Korean electronics manufacturer.

The concept of the safety truck involves mounting a wireless camera on the front grill of the semi and streaming video to four large screens placed on the back of the truck. That way, drivers following behind the semi can virtually see traffic conditions in front of the truck and wait for the safest moment to pass the vehicle.

Samsung tested the technology in Argentina, where high traffic volumes and two-lane highways cause road safety issues. The company said that the results of their trials show that the concept could be an effective safety feature. In order to get the technology approved for widespread use, Samsung is working with the Argentinian government to perform more tests. According to the company, there are no plans to bring the safety truck concept to North America at this time.

Truck accidents result in thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the U.S. An injured victim of a truck accident that was caused by a distracted, speeding or otherwise negligent driver may benefit by consulting with an attorney to determine how to proceed. In some cases, it may be an advisable course of action to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other appropriate damages.