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The prevalence of misdiagnosis in Oklahoma

Although Oklahoma patients expect their doctors to be able to diagnose their conditions, there are situations when one is elusive. Despite batteries of tests and multiple appointments, medical professionals don’t always have the answer. Among the hardest conditions to diagnose are thyroid disorders as well as Lyme disease. Thyroid conditions top the list because such a disorder can impact every cell in the body.

Lyme disease can be hard to accurately diagnose because many doctors look for a bull’s eye rash and ask about a patient’s past whereabouts to confirm its presence. However, some may present with joint pain or hives. Patients with these symptoms are urged to ask for a blood test even if their doctors don’t believe that they have been in a tick-infested area. Another commonly misdiagnosed condition is a migraine. Although doctors may prescribe medication to treat the symptoms, they may not always try to find the cause of the issue, which may be tied to food allergies.

Patients who suffer from fatigue, insomnia and pain may suffer from fibryomyalgia. However, doctors may tell patients that they are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or may be suffering from mental illness. While there is no test to determine if someone has the condition, there are online quizzes available to help confirm the diagnosis.

Those who believe that they have been misdiagnosed or that a doctor failed to make a timely diagnosis may wish to take legal action against that professional. Patients may wish to talk to an attorney regarding their legal options in this regard. Damages that are often sought in a medical malpractice lawsuit include the costs of required medical care and treatment and, in some cases, pain and suffering.