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Harm that may result from a traumatic brain injury

Oklahoma residents who have undergone an injury to the brain may find themselves with a host of different symptoms, some of which may be subtle and difficult to detect. It is the nature of traumatic brain injuries to cause deep and irrevocable harm to the quality of life and the ability to function.

The difficulties associated with a TBI can be physical, mental and emotional. Sensory issues may be encountered as well as problems with cognition and communication. Even the ability to swallow correctly may be hindered. Certainly, if the areas of the brain that control the mouth and the throat are affected, then difficulties with speech and eating may both result. However, if it is the language centers of the brain that were injured, then eating may be unaffected but the ability to spell, write and read may be harmed.

Few injuries are as traumatic as a wound to the brain, and any number of permanent debilities may result. If anyone has the misfortune to experience a brain injury, then an enormous proportion of their ability to live their lives and maintain their economic status may be lost. If the event that resulted in their injury was caused by the negligence of another, then the injured person may choose to file a civil suit against those responsible in order to gather reasonable compensation for their injuries.

An attorney may be asked to provide representation when it becomes necessary. The lawyer might be able to act in their client’s stead, negotiate with other parties and attend to any necessary court functions. This can be helpful for patients who do not wish to appear in court as well as those who cannot appear due to health reasons.

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