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Study finds long-term effects from concussions

Oklahoma residents may be interested in reading about a study regarding the long-term effects associated with concussions. According to a study at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, physicians found that a large amount of student athletes who suffered repeated concussions also suffered brain injuries that were not detected until months or years after their injury occurred.

The research involved 43 student athletes, including 21 who did not have a history of concussions and 22 who did. The physicians who conducted the study concluded that while the athletes who did not experience a history of concussions had no long-term effects from their injury, the athletes who suffered repeated concussions did. The researchers found their brains to be affected in blood flow, size and internal connections months and even years after the injury took place.

In regards to the size of the brain in student athletes who suffered repeated concussions, MRI analysis revealed that they had a reduction of brain volume in the frontal lobe by 10 to 20 percent. This part of the brain controls a person’s speech and enables a person to solve problems and make decisions. If injured, a person’s ability to communicate, speak and think can be affected.

While sport-related concussions are generally considered short-term injuries, a person who suffers multiple concussions can develop long-term problems affecting their health, such as cognitive impairments and depression. Those who have a history of concussions may also suffer with a slower rate of recovery.

Because a brain injury can have serious, long-term effects, it is important that a concussion victim seek medical attention immediately. If the victim’s injury was due to the negligent actions of another person, the victim might wish to consult an attorney for help in filing a claim for compensation.

Source: FOX News, “Concussions show effects on brain years after injury, study finds,” July 20, 2016