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Startup seeks to reduce the number of truck accidents

Some University of Oklahoma students have decided to take their classroom idea that may help prevent truck accidents to the real world. The students created a startup called BlyncSync which uses software to monitor real-time levels and projected levels of a truck driver’s fatigue.

The technology includes biometrics that worn by the truck driver. The technology allows the trucking companies to keep an eye on the fatigue a driver may be feeling at any given time. It is hoped that the technology would help reduce costly accidents. The startup has already tested a prototype on at least one driver. They are also reportedly in talks to expand their testing to Wal-Mart drivers.

Approximately 5,400 truck accidents occurred in the state of Oklahoma in 2015. Almost 13,000 people were killed or injured in those accidents. In fact, the rise in truck accidents in recent years is a national trend, leading the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to release a call to action to fund potential technology that could prevent or reduce their number. BlyncSync is just one of those startups that are answering the call.

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles that are involved in the collisions. Many of these accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue, while others are the result of a truck driver who is speeding or impaired. A personal injury attorney could assist an injured victim in seeking compensation from the at-fault driver for medical expenses and other losses.

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