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Cargo securement to be focus of inspection blitz

Commercial truck drivers from Oklahoma and drivers from throughout the country may be subject to a North American Standard Level I inspection during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck inspection blitz. The inspection blitz will occur June 6-8.

Although the inspection will have a special emphasis on cargo securement, this is also a part of Level I inspections. The extra focus is intended to reinforce the importance of cargo securement.

A flyer from the CVSA offers tips to drivers on cargo safety. It reminds drivers to check tie-downs that may be damaged or worn and to secure equipment and cargo. These reminders reflect the types of violations that inspectors will be looking for, which include loose, insufficient or damaged tie-downs along with equipment that is not properly secured and cargo that shifts or is lost.

Improperly secured cargo can cause a serious truck accident or make an accident even worse. Other causes of truck accidents include equipment failure, driver fatigue, distracted driving, speeding and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A truck accident could result in catastrophic injuries to other individuals. Individuals may suffer long-term or permanent injury, and they may miss weeks or months of work or be unable to return to their job. Along with lost wages, there might be significant medical expenses. Sometimes, insurance companies offer too little in compensation to cover these expenses. The injured person may want to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties in the accident. This might be the truck driver and the company the driver was working for if the accident was due to driver error or a manufacturer if equipment was faulty.