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Not all people with high blood pressure need treatment

A study completed at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre indicates that about a fifth of individuals treated for hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, actually do not require the treatment. The reason for this is that many Oklahoma residents do not actually have the problem, which is that blood exerts too much pressure on artery walls.

People are considered to have hypertension when their systolic pressure, or top number, is at least 140 mmHg and their diastolic pressure, the bottom number, is at least 90 mmHG. The problem is that many doctors are still using manual devices to measure blood pressure, and this is leading to inaccurate readings.

Manual assessments can provide accurate results, but medical practitioners do not always take the care required to obtain them. The advantage of using automatic devices is that they’re more likely to be accurate because they take several measurements. Automated devices can also eliminate white-coat syndrome, which is when people experience higher stress or an artificial increase in blood pressure due to being in a clinical environment.

While a failure to treat a patient for a medical condition may be considered negligence under some circumstances, treating someone for a condition when it is not needed may also be considered malpractice. There are a variety of potential side effects for many drugs, so prescribing or treating someone with an unnecessary medication may lead to the development of new medical conditions that could be very serious and dangerous. People who have been harmed in such a manner may want to discuss their options with an attorney.