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PSTD resulting from car crashes

When Oklahoma residents in a severe car accident, they may suffer grievous injuries or have someone that they love die. In these situations, along with physical harm, people may also end up suffering mental harm and develop a condition like post traumatic stress disorder.

There are some situations where people may be able to successfully collect compensation following an accident for PSTD. However, they will have to prove a variety of things, and even then, it may not be successful. The first step is for them to show that a qualified doctor has diagnosed them with this condition. However, that is not usually sufficient by itself.

It must also be demonstrated that the individual suffering from PSTD developed the condition as a result of the car crash. This usually requires that a crash be sufficiently traumatic to have caused the damage. Further, if other things going on in their life may have contributed to the development of PSTD, compensation for their mental health issues may be denied to them in relation to a car crash.

There are a variety of types of injuries that someone may suffer in car accidents. Along with direct physical trauma, people may also end up with a temporary or permanent disability or an ongoing medical condition. Some people may take months or even years to recover from or deal with an injury, so it’s important that people receive compensation that is appropriate to their situation. Because of the applicable stature of limitations, however, it is equally important that plaintiffs and their attorneys estimate costs related to the injury that could be incurred months or even years after the actual accident.