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Survey: texting while driving a major roadway threat

Car accidents are always a concern when drivers in Oklahoma take to the road, especially with the threat of drunk, distracted or otherwise dangerous drivers. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous activities while behind the wheel as recognized by the overwhelming majority of survey recipients in a study conducted across the United States by Harris Poll. There are a number of threats to people on the roadway, and these can be escalated by changes such as marijuana legalization and the growing use of smartphones and 24/7 connectivity.

There were a number of activities that survey respondents saw as posing a danger on the roadways with the potential of causing motor vehicle accidents. Almost all respondents, 99 percent, said that using social media while driving is dangerous while 98 percent said that texting while driving poses a major hazard. Another large group of respondents, 91 percent, said that they saw driving under the influence of cannabis to be dangerous, and 87 percent said that driving while under marijuana influence could endanger others as well as the driver.

Texting while driving has been the subject of large public awareness campaign designed to target distracted driving behaviors, including texting and social media use. Study researchers urged further investigation into potential areas of danger, including the growing number of people reportedly driving while under the influence of cannabis.

Car accidents can cause serious personal injuries and even cost people their lives. Despite widespread recognition of the threat, distracted driving continues to be a roadway menace. People who are injured because of distracted driving may consult with a personal injury lawyer to discuss seeking compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and other losses experienced as a result of the accident.