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Eye tracking technology can detect brain impairments

| Jan 16, 2018 | Brain Injury |

New technology may soon be helping medical providers in Oklahoma detect brain injuries. A recently developed system, known as RightEye EyeQ, tracks eye movements to detect symptoms of problems that range from autism to Parkinson’s disease.

The technology is already being used in Major League Baseball to test athletes. One of the tests available through the system can immediately detect if a person is suffering from concussion symptoms.

RightEye EyeQ is also being tested in schools. A scan available through the system can help determine whether children who are having difficulty with reading are suffering from vision problems or if their reading difficulties are more likely related to psychological causes.

The testing system is easy to use. Users simply sit down and follow a dot with their eyes while the system tracks their eye movements and uses software designed to detect different types of problems. The RightEye company has already installed its terminals in over 200 locations and soon plans to release a new all-in-one system.

A serious brain injury can cause a permanent disability. Problems related to a traumatic brain injury include memory loss, speech problems, personality changes, loss of movement and sensory impairment, all of which can drastically change a person’s life. When a brain injury is caused by another party’s negligence, the person who was injured might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit for damages such as medical expenses.

A personal injury lawyer could help clients negotiate and settle their claims. For example, an attorney can gather medical records, review evidence, conduct legal research, interview witnesses and negotiate with insurance companies.

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