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Speeding could be the reason behind the traffic death surge

Oklahoma drivers should know that speeding may be the main culprit behind the recent rise in traffic deaths. The National Transportation Safety Board has found that 112,580 Americans were killed in speeding accidents between 2005 and 2014. This accounted for 31 percent of all traffic deaths. By way of comparison, 112,948 were killed in drunk driving accidents.

The NTSB report has provided several recommendations on how to reduce speeding deaths. It suggests that the consequences for speeding equate the penalties for DUI. National campaigns have succeeded in creating a social stigma around DUI and not wearing a seat belt. However, nothing similar has been done to dissuade people from speeding.

Enforcement tools like speeding cameras could also help. However, these cameras are currently banned in several states. As for the actual speed limits, many of them are based on the outdated “85th percentile rule.” This encompasses the speed in which the majority of drivers (85 percent) travel on a given road. The NTSB states that speed limits should be based on newer, more accurate crash history data.

Many cities are doing what they can to implement road safety measures. Road diets, or lane reductions, are a common way to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. However, these measures have met with much resistance from communities and even some council members.

In the event that a car accident occurs, the victim should note whether the other party was speeding or doing something else that could be considered negligent. The victim can then consult with a lawyer about filing a personal injury claim. If successful, the victim may be compensated for vehicle repair costs, medical expenses and pain and suffering. The lawyer can hire investigators to gather up the proof of negligence and then negotiate with the insurance companies.