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CSVA-verified enforcement to conduct brake evaluations

In an ongoing effort to prevent roadway accidents, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts its annual Brake Safety Week. This should help reassure Oklahoma drivers who often share the road with large, commercial trucks.

It’s important to note that poorly maintained brakes can lower a vehicle’s brake efficiency and result in truck accidents. Brake problems are a particularly big concern with commercial vehicles, which can cause large-scale damage. According to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, trucks involved in collisions where braking capacity was highly important had a 50 percent higher chance of having brake violations. Another concerning statistic from the same study showed that nearly 33 percent of large trucks with pre-crash violations had brake problems.

With the idea of prevention and education in mind, CSVA-certified experts will be primarily conducting Level 1 evaluations during Brake Safety Week, which runs Sept. 16-22. Inspectors will review driver operating requirements, mechanical health all the components of braking systems. Any commercial vehicle found to have braking violations will be taken out of service. The week will also focus on enforcement of regulations and on providing education about the importance of consistent brake maintenance.

Even with these safety initiatives, there are still truck accidents in which poor vehicle maintenance plays a role. The victim of a truck accident might seek compensation for the damages incurred in the accident by filing a personal injury claim. Injuries could be financial and non-financial. In such a case, the victim might consult with a personal injury lawyer who can assist them with the process.