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Rehab input included in new TBI guidelines

The treatment for Oklahoma patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury is typically based on established clinical practice guidelines. An update to guidelines for patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries being implemented in Canada could provide guidance for health professionals in the United States. The update was based on input from the rehabilitation professionals directly involved with many of the main aspects of patient care, from the initial assessment through follow-up care. The goal is to better address the many needs of TBI survivors.

The new clinical practice guideline is one of several updates that have been made to improve the standard protocols for the care of anyone with a brain injury. Another reason for the guideline update is because of a move towards community-based rehabilitation as an alternative to long-term hospitalization. Many rehab professionals generally agree with established TBI guidelines. However, suggested protocols aren’t used too often in everyday practice. A separate survey found that while a high percentage of care recommendations were mostly or fully implemented, there are still multiple gaps in implementation.

When requesting input to establish the new guideline, clinicians, policymakers, and researchers asked rehab professionals to identify aspects of the treatment and recovery process they felt weren’t being sufficiently addressed. Some of the top issues mentioned involved the management of behavioral disorders and cognitive function impairment experienced by TBI patients, the frequency and intensity of the rehab services provided, sleep disturbances, and social participation and general life within the community during recovery.

A TBI can result in some cases in a permanent disability. Although often associated with contact sports, brain injuries can also result from sudden falls or from car accidents. If it can be determined that the injury was the result of another party’s negligence, an attorney could be of assistance in seeking compensation for the victim’s medical bills and other losses.