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ZF shows how external airbags make side crashes safer

Predictive systems on cars can sense an oncoming crash and do several things, such as tightening seatbelts or adjusting suspension, to protect the occupants. Some manufacturers are now focusing on predictive systems that deploy external airbags in the case of a side impact crash. Oklahoma residents should know that the technology is far from being perfected; however, its advantages are already clear.

ZF has developed an external airbag model that can effectively absorb the shock of a side collision by acting as an additional crumple zone. ZF data shows that these airbags can reduce the severity of occupants’ injuries by up to 40 percent. The manufacturer also has a strategy for developing the model.

ZF will use recent advances in camera technology to overcome certain challenges. For example, there is the concern that the airbags will not deploy as intended or even deploy unnecessarily. Technological advancements should solve those problems.

The inflation time of the current ZF model is 15 milliseconds, comparable to that of a steering wheel airbag. This is impressive, considering the model’s weight (about 13 pounds) and dimensions (around 80 inches by 15 inches by 21 inches, but these will vary depending on the vehicle size).

As mentioned above, the technology has a way to go before it can be implemented. This means that side-impact car accidents will continue to harm motorists. Someone who has been hurt in such an accident may want to hire a lawyer. When a case is strong, legal counsel could proceed to negotiate for a reasonable settlement with the auto insurance company.