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Drivers with ADHD may decrease risk of accidents with medication

Results from a new study estimate that 22.1 percent of car accidents in Oklahoma could be avoided if patients with Attention Deficient with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) took medication. Prior research has indicated that drivers with ADHD have an increased risk of being involved in an accident. People with ADHD may have a more difficult time with driving as the neurodevelopmental condition causes people to be more easily distracted and have a difficult time with attention span.

Researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden conducted the study by looking at hospital records of car accident patients who had filled a prescription for ADHD in the prior months of the accident and compared the records to those of a control group. The researchers found that over 11,000 people with ADHD had been involved in a car accident during the study period. When drivers took medication for their ADHD, however, they decreased the risk of a crash by 38 percent.

Around the world, car accidents claim the lives of more than 1.25 million people each year. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents. Medications that make drivers more attentive could help decrease the risk of these accidents around the world according to study researchers. Researchers did note that the study did have limitations and that further studies should be done in order to confirm the findings.

Injuries from car accidents often take days or weeks to appear. It’s crucial to always visit a doctor after an accident in order to assess injuries and get the necessary care. Accidents caused by a distracted driver may lead to costly medical bills. A lawyer might help determine if a driver was not paying close attention while driving and caused the accident to occur. If negligence is determined, the injured parties may be able to help accident victims receive compensation for their care.