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The process to follow after a car crash

A car accident can occur in Oklahoma at any time. Someone who is involved in an accident should stop at the scene and render assistance by calling 911. Ideally, an individual will not touch anyone or move a vehicle unless safety is an issue. Instead, anyone involved in a crash will start documenting the scene by taking pictures or writing down notes.

It’s wise to have a camera or smartphone that can be used to take pictures of a crash scene. When the police arrive, anyone at the scene should be cooperative and issue a statement. Drivers or passengers should document any items that were damaged or went missing in the aftermath of the crash. Furthermore, it is important for crash victims to note any pain that they feel regardless of how minor it may seem.

A driver who is involved in an accident should look for witnesses to the collision. Witnesses may be willing to provide their names, addresses and a statement detailing what they saw. It is generally necessary for drivers to exchange insurance information, but no one is required to admit guilt or take responsibility for what happened.

If a crash is caused by a negligent driver, accident victims may be entitled to compensation. Victims may include other drivers, pedestrians and passengers in the vehicle that caused the accident to happen. An attorney could use witness statements, video clips or other evidence to establish that negligence led to a crash taking place. Negligence may include driving through a stop sign, talking on a cellphone or driving too fast for road conditions. Depending on the circumstances, a case could be settled out of court or through a trial.