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Preventing dangerous misdiagnosis in vasculitis cases

Vasculitis can be a major concern for people in Oklahoma and around the country. The inflammation of the blood vessels associated with the disorder can lead to their destruction, so physicians will want to move quickly to treat it. Vasculitis is often a type of auto-immune disorder, in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue. In some cases, it arises from a serious infection. However, while treatment of vasculitis is critical to achieve positive outcomes, a misdiagnosis of the disorder can lead to even more dangerous situations for patients. Experts warn that there are several other conditions that can be mistaken for vasculitis.

A mistaken diagnosis of vasculitis can lead to sometimes harmful treatments. For example, vasculitis is most frequently treated with a high-dose regimen of corticosteroids. For other types of disorders, these steroids can be dangerous and lead to a worsened health condition. One expert recalled a misdiagnosed patient who had a stroke as a result of a mistaken treatment. This patient suffered lifelong disabilities after treatment was started despite the fact that lab tests had not been fully completed.

Endocarditis is one disorder that can mimic the symptoms of vasculitis but requires significantly different treatment. Waiting for a full laboratory workup could save lives in these cases. In addition, people can acquire vasculitis as a side effect from both prescribed and recreational drugs. This requires a different treatment than that for vasculitis developed due to other causes. In addition, some types of disorder present in the eye can also mimic vasculitis symptoms while requiring different treatment.

People want to trust that they will receive correct treatment when they turn to a health care professional, but they may encounter serious harm as a result of medical mistakes or a misdiagnosis. A medical malpractice lawyer can provide guidance on pursuing compensation for damages, including medical bills and lost wages.