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What to think about when driving during the fall

Oklahoma roads can become slick with rain and leaves as the calendar turns to fall. Leaves that fall off of trees can make it harder to see potholes, lane lines and other markings. Leaves that are still on the trees can prove distracting to tourists and others who may be in town just to see them change colors. Therefore, it is important for drivers to slow down and to increase their following distance.

It is also important to slow down while driving in foggy conditions. Fog can be more prevalent during the early morning hours as the temperatures are generally cool enough to support clouds close to the ground. Those who are going to drive during times of fog should use their low beams as it can be easier to see.

To minimize the chances of getting into an accident, it is important to keep a windshield clean and free of frost. This can help to reduce sun glare as well as make it easier to see people or animals that are in a driver’s path. The fall months are when deer are most likely to breed, so there is a greater chance of seeing them at night or before the sun comes up in the morning. Drivers should also be aware of increased pedestrian traffic as school starts again.

A car accident may result in significant injuries or property damage, and it could cost thousands of dollars or more to pay for medical care or to replace damaged items. If an accident is caused by a negligent driver, that individual may be liable for paying some or all of those damages. An attorney may use witness statements or other evidence to show that negligence was a key factor in an accident resulting in financial damages.