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How truckers can prevent jackknifing

Jackknifing can occur not only in big rigs but also with cars towing trailers and boats. However, truckers in Oklahoma have to watch out the most. Though there is anti-jackknife technology out there, truckers should still make themselves familiar with the following tips for preventing such an accident.

It all starts with checking the rearview mirrors for any trailer swing. The lighter the load, the more important this is because light loads mean less traction on the road and raise the risk for “overbraking.” Truckers should know that harsh braking can lead to a trailer jackknife while sudden acceleration can cause a tractor jackknife.

Harsh braking can cause the brakes to lock up, so truckers should decelerate slowly when coming up on bends and curves. It’s also a bad idea to brake when turning or swerving. Truckers should already know to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. After all, trucks have a much longer stopping distance than other vehicles.

Inexperienced truckers may also jackknife when going in reverse. To avoid this, truckers should place one hand at the six o’clock position and then move that hand in the direction they want the trailer to go.

When jackknifing leads to truck accidents, legal action could be warranted. Victims may want to discuss the matter with an attorney because filing a personal injury claim is a major step and will likely meet with opposition from the trucking company. An attorney could speak on a victim’s behalf during negotiations or, as a last resort, in the courtroom. A successful claim could cover things like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.