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Road rage can cause catastrophic car accidents in an instant

While cellphones are typically regarded as the primary source of distractions for drivers in Oklahoma and other states, the distractions associated with acts of aggression and road rage are just as important. Many drivers with short tempers need no more than a traffic jam or someone cutting them off to explode into a road rage fit, often leading to car accidents and life-changing injuries. Aggressive driving causes a significant percentage of fatal crashes nationwide.

Recognizing telltale signs of aggressive drivers may be the best way to avoid becoming the victim of road rage. Staying calm is the best defense against aggressive drivers. They typically have little or no regard for other drivers and the law, and they show their aggression by excessive honking, cutting other drivers off, tailgating and making rude hand gestures.

Situations that get aggressive drivers going include running late for appointments and then having to wait at stoplights and heavy, slow-moving traffic. Anger levels can even build up when impatient drivers cannot find parking spaces. Cutting in front of them is the last thing drivers would want to do if they are trying to avoid falling victim to road rage.

Motorists and passengers in Oklahoma who have to deal with the financial and emotional damages that follow car accidents caused by road rage of aggressive drivers might have grounds to file civil lawsuits. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist by gathering proof of negligence, which is necessary for the successful navigation of a personal injury claim. Documented claims may include medical expenses, lost income and other monetary damages.