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Could flying debris from a truck cause an accident?

Truck accidents take many forms, as collisions don’t reflect all the incidents with truck catastrophes. Large vehicles carrying heavy loads in Oklahoma may become involved with mishaps leading to debris falling off. The size of the debris combined with the speed that cars travel might result in fatalities.

An incident in Oklahoma

The chaos resulting from flying debris could involve several vehicles. A report from Lawton, OK, reveals that debris allegedly flew from a Dodge Ram’s pickup bed. A car trying to avoid the debris ended up colliding with two other vehicles. The report states debris from the truck hit another vehicle, and some debris flew from crashed cars. In total, the crash involved five vehicles.

While damage to the vehicle occurred, news reports did not indicate whether anyone suffered any serious injuries. Not all crash injuries are immediate, though. With vehicle accidents, some injuries may take time to reveal themselves.

Another point worth mentioning is large trucks aren’t the only ones presenting “flying debris” risks. Even a “normal-sized” pickup truck could find itself presenting similar risks.

Questions about negligence

After a truck or auto accident, including one involving flying debris, questions may arise about who was at fault. In general, not securing a load might be considered negligent, as well. Driving too fast, leading to debris flying, could be another example.

In multi-vehicle car crashes, some of the other cars could be negligent. Imagine rocks flying off a dump truck on the highway. Vehicles stop to avoid both the rubble and vehicles crashed ahead. One car may speed up and drive on the shoulder to keep going, a moving violation that could cause additional accidents. Such a driver might be liable for damage and injuries.

Report about car crashes and serious injuries/news based articles might provide insights about particular accidents. Persons suffering serious injuries may find filing a lawsuit necessary to recover damages.