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Is the risk of a car accident greater on weekends?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled data in recent years pertaining to which times of day and which days of the week are most dangerous to be on the roadways of the United States, including in Oklahoma. This included an examination of both highway car accidents and those associated with other types of primary roadways in the country.

Motoring on weekends

The deadliest day to be motoring on US streets is Saturday, according to the data compiled by the NHTSA. 6,802 fatalities occurred on Saturday when contrasted with 37,461 for all seven days of the week.

The second and third deadliest days on US roadways were Friday and Sunday. According to the research, 5,826 people were killed on Friday and 5,809 lost their lives on Sunday.

The NHTSA did identify the safest day to be on streets and highways in the United States. The data collected by the agency revealed that the lowest fatality rate on US roadways was on Tuesdays. The data indicated 4,444 fatal car accidents occurred on highways and other roadways in the country on that day of the week.

Weekday drivetimes

The NHTSA research also considered fatalities during weekday drivetimes in the United States. Drivetimes are defined as those periods during the course of a day when a considerable number of people are commuting to work.

The evening drive time is reported to be significantly more deadly than the morning rush. In fact, according to the NHTSA data, the evening drivetime is 85% deadlier than its morning counterpart.

There is always a risk when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. No matter the time of day or day of the week, a motorist needs to exercise all due diligence in order to ensure the safety of all people on US roadways.