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Injuries to men from car accidents in Oklahoma

Oklahoma car accidents are serious regardless of a person’s gender. However, when institutions crash test cars to measure safety, the standards for safety are measured around men.

This is because the crash test dummies are modeled after a standard-sized man. Anyone who is larger or smaller than your standard 5’9”, 170-pound male might face more serious injuries in a car accident.

How is car crash safety measured in cars?

The National Traffic Safety Administration tests the safety of vehicles every year as a part of the New Car Assessment Program. Based on how well the car does in these tests, it’s given a rating out of five stars.

As a part of the safety tests, the NHTSA replicates four different types of car accidents. The tests are as follows:

  • Front-impact collision
  • Perpendicular side-impact collision
  • Angled collision with a stationary pole
  • Roll-over test (to see if it rolls over when taking a sharp turn)

While the car crash safety tests are thorough in and of themselves, the crash test dummies make the results varied. If you’re not built like the crash test dummies that they use for the test, you might face graver injuries than what the safety tests say.

What types of car accidents are most deadly?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 80% of fatal car accidents came from being hit from the front or the side. If you’re smaller than the crash test dummies used in the safety test, a car hitting your driver’s side door can leave you pinned or smothered under the airbags.