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Speeding rates among truckers and semi accidents

Truck accidents involving semis and passenger vehicles in Oklahoma and across the United States oftentimes are catastrophic. People in a passenger vehicle can sustain severe and even fatal injuries when a collision occurs between an automobile and big rig. There exist a number of more commonplace underlying causes of semi accidents, including trucks moving at excessive rates of speed.

Facts and figures about trucker speeding

A statistical analysis reveals there has been a decrease in the number of speeding citations issued to big rig operators in the United States. While that might appear to good news generally speaking, underlying data is not as positive.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration makes clear that despite the drop in the number of speeding citations issued, semi-truck accidents remain a notable problem. As a consequence, speeding big rig drivers continue to cause truck accidents, including collisions that result in serious and even fatal injuries.

As an aside, the decrease in speeding citations issued can be the result of one of two factors. First, enforcement during the time period in question may have been more lax. Second, there may in fact have been some sort of decrease in truck drivers speeding. That remains an issue that necessitates further investigation.

A person injured in a truck accident has vital legal rights that must be protected. The same holds true for families in Oklahoma who lose a loved on in this type of big rig accident. The first step to engage an Oklahoma truck accident lawyer is to schedule an initial consultation.