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AmazonBasics products light a fire for federal investigators

Consumers in Oklahoma and around the country who purchased electronic goods from Amazon’s AmazonBasic line of products should use caution when running these items unattended. Conducting research on any Amazon products you own could help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Some items have been reported to melt, explode or create fires.

Amazon-branded electronic products undergo a federal investigation

When you think of Amazon, you likely conjure up images of the iconic packaging and swift service that took the world by storm. Dangerous products produced with the Amazon brand name may make you think about the company in a new light. Federal investigators are looking into claims that certain products made by the company melt, explode or otherwise cause harm.

Consumers may have a right to compensation for any injuries caused by improper testing and manufacturing on the part of Amazon. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not releasing any details about the products under investigation, reviewers are making these issues known publicly. One customer reported that a surge protector started a fire in his home. This particular surge protector was also reported by at least 40 other customers.

Products under investigation appear to include surge protectors, phone charging cords, battery chargers, patio heaters and other items. Currently, Amazon declines to comment on any of the pending investigations of their products.

Taking appropriate action amidst safety concerns

Consumers who buy faulty electronics have legal avenues to pursue. The first step any consumer should take involves reading reviews for any products they purchased. If you or someone you know experienced an issue with a product, it’s important to let your attorney know and report the problem.