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Amazon and third-party product sellers

Amazon provides a marketplace for retailers and private sellers to offer many different products. Oklahoma customers may look for deals on quality merchandise and not expect to receive defective products. Unfortunately, some items may arrive with dangerous defects, leaving innocent persons harmed. Amazon once believed it did not face liability claims for defective third-party products, but the legal landscape appears to shift against the tech giant. Amazon set up a compensation program for those who experienced a loss from a defective product in a proactive move.

The Amazon compensation plan

Amazon now has a program to compensate customers who suffer property damage or bodily injury due to a defective third-party product. The amount of the compensation is only $1,000, a figure that might not come close to covering losses and expenses.

Amazon continues to maintain its position that third-party sellers are liable for their defective products. If someone suffers a burn or another injury when an electric or fuel-powered device explodes, Amazon does not see itself playing any role in the incident. The same would apply to products that present a choking hazard. Persons hurt by such defective products could file a claim against the seller.

Amazon and potential lawsuits

A California appeals court found Amazon could be liable for defective products sold by third-party sellers. The specific case involves an exploding hoverboard, and the judgment may have sweeping repercussions.

Product liability cases involve numerous forms of negligence. Poor construction, a lack of proper warnings, ignoring customer reports of injuries, and minimal safety testing could become issues in court. The manufacturer or third-party seller may face the brunt of negligence claims.

Online sellers, such as Amazon and eBay, might find themselves facing greater obligations to preserve customer safety. Civil lawsuits might force these companies’ hands.