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What causes so many truck accidents?

Truck accidents could bring with them fatal outcomes. The incredible size associated with tractor-trailers and other oversized vehicles, such as dump trucks, means they could inflict enormous damage. Truck drivers traveling in Oklahoma must adhere to safe driving practices to avoid a terrible collision. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to take risks, leading to awful consequences.

The top reasons for truck accidents

“Driver error” seems like a catch-all term for truck accidents occurring due to negligence, but drivers often commit errors behind the wheel that lead to accidents. Speeding is one of the top moving violations that cause a truck crash. A commercial truck can require a significant distance to come to a complete stop. Excess speed compromises the ability to do so.

Tailgating could also cause a crash since the truck might crash into the vehicle in front of it. Attempts to overtake a vehicle by changing lanes may come with dangers, but some drivers ignore the risks.

Further reasons for truck accidents

Even when a truck driver travels at a safe speed and avoids moving violations, bad brakes may lead to a collision. Poorly maintained vehicles might be unsafe, and drivers and truck companies could face a personal injury suit for taking a mechanically troubled truck on the road.

Reviewing accident data reveals that truck drivers sometimes take to the road intoxicated. Drunk and drugged driving might lead to a catastrophic accident, but drivers should not assume that only alcohol and illegal drugs lead to DUI incidents. Someone might take cold medicine that makes them drowsy, resulting in an accident.

Fatigue could come from driving too many hours. Even with mandatory breaks, a driver might feel too tired to operate a truck safely. In addition, distracted driving continues to be an issue, and advanced technology may increase the problem.

Of course, there are various other ways a truck driver may become distracted. Hopefully, all drivers will avoid these behaviors and other dangerous habits.