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What does the data say about 2020 truck accidents?

All kinds of trucks appear on Oklahoma roads. Light-duty pickup trucks may travel in lanes next to massive tractor-trailers. Unfortunately, various trucks might become involved in vehicle collisions, leaving victims suffering from terrible injuries. After an accident, an investigation may reveal the cause. If negligence contributed to the accident, expect the truck driver or the trucking company to face a lawsuit.

Trends and truck crashes

Statistics compiled about truck collisions reveal interesting facts about 2020 trends. Data points to some of the riskiest locations for truck collisions, with a section of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Interstate 78 delivering the highest concentration of risk. Of course, accidents might happen anywhere, and Oklahoma drivers face risks as well.

Construction zones are commonplace in the United States, and Oklahoma has its share. Research shows that the chances for truck accidents increase in construction zones, which should not come as a surprise. Distracted driving and speeding are dangerous under normal road conditions. Those dangers may increase tremendously in a construction area.

Truck collisions in the United States

Overall, California gained the distinction as the riskiest state for trucking fleets in 2020. Perhaps the Golden State’s geography, population, the volume of trucks, and thousands of miles of road factored into the dangers. Once again, the problems that may cause accidents in one state could carry over to Oklahoma.

Trucks with mechanical defects might commence their journeys in California. Any resulting truck accidents might happen when the vehicle travels through Oklahoma.

Some days might come with greater or fewer chances for accidents. Truck drivers may not be able to make adjustments to travel on supposedly safer days, though. The driver generally sticks to a required schedule.

Accidents might happen at any time and anywhere. Persons hurt by a negligent truck driver may file a lawsuit to recover their losses.