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Are fatal truck crashes increasing each year?

No one wants any part of a vehicle collision, but many may acknowledge that certain crashes are worse than others. Truck collisions may be the accidents some commuters fear the most. Such fears are understandable considering how many people lose their lives in Oklahoma truck crashes. A tractor trailer’s massive size can inflict significant harm on vehicles and people it hits. Many times the injuries prove fatal. While travelers may realize that truck accidents happen, they might not realize that fatal truck crashes are actually on the rise.

Fatal truck accident figures increase

The idea that fatal truck accidents are increasing doesn’t come from speculation. Collision figures compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) show a marked increase from 2018 to 2019. Most alarming, the number of fatal crashes in 2019 reflected the highest figure since 2005. More than 4,550 people died in 2019 alone. The volume of injuries is well over 100,000, and some injuries could permanently alter a person’s life.

The FMCSA points out that about 57% of all fatal truck crashes happen in rural regions. Drivers commuting outside urban areas might benefit from careful defensive driving since the risks are so high. A truck driver may feel that the chances of a citation are lower in a rural region, as there might be a reduced law enforcement presence. The driver could choose to speed or otherwise ignore traffic laws, leading to a crash.

The causes and aftermath of truck driving crashes

Several factors common to motor vehicle accidents repeat themselves in fatal truck crashes. In addition to moving violation-related collisions, distracted and fatigued driving often play a role. Even though laws mandate breaks, drivers or their employers may ignore the rules. Such actions are negligent, and can result in crashes.

A driver who takes stimulants to stay awake might suffer psychoactive effects that cause a crash. Driving under the influence due to alcohol or drug intoxication often leads to tragic results.

Truck drivers and their employers could discover the consequences of ignoring safe practices. A wrongful death lawsuit may lead to tremendous financial losses when a jury punishes the negligent party.