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Honda issue recall regarding hood problem

Honda’s assembly lines produce a large number of vehicles each year. Not all models move off the assembly line without problems, though. In December 2021, news spread about a recall issued by Honda, one that may affect owners and drivers in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Unfortunately, not everyone may hear about the recall right away, meaning they could be at risk for an accident.

Hood problem prompts Honda recall

Honda’s recall involves two SUV models, the Passport and Pilot, along with the Ridgeline pickup truck. The recall involves 725,000 vehicles produced between specific years. With the Ridgeline, models made between 2017 and 2020 face recalls, and so do 2016 – 2019 Pilots and 2019 Passports.

The recall centers on a severe defect: the hoods on these models may open while driving. If that happens, the driver might be unable to see the road, leading to an accident involving another vehicle, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, or others.

A faulty hood-latch design, among other issues, contributes to the defect. So far, no one has suffered any injuries related to the problem.

Liabilities and vehicle recalls

Manufacturers could be held liable for injuries resulting from product defects. If the company does not issue the recall in time, search delays may constitute negligent behavior. All parties injured in an accident might have a credible personal injury lawsuit against the company.

A dangerous product lawsuit could extend to a third party as well. If a manufacturer unknowingly received defective parts, the parts provider could be negligent. Suing both the manufacturer and any third parties may be necessary, depending on the specifics of the situation.

Drivers who knowingly take a potentially dangerous vehicle on the road could face a lawsuit for any resulting accidents. Ignoring recall notices could open doors for liabilities.