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Highway accidents: the driving mistakes to avoid

Automobile accidents in Oklahoma happen for a wide variety of reasons, many of which could be avoided if drivers improved their behavior while behind the steering wheel. There are cases where vehicle malfunction does cause an accident that is beyond driver control, but most accident evidence will include some form of driver error. Avoiding mistakes comes from paying close attention while behind the wheel, and it is a good idea for all drivers to possess a solid working knowledge of what practices to avoid.

Eliminating distractions

One of the biggest problems for motorists is distractions. The first issue to avoid is the cellphone, including taking or making a call while moving. And especially avoid texting. It is always best to turn the phone off or wait until stopped to make a call. Additionally, it is best to keep conversation with passengers to a minimum and keep any music turned down to a reasonable volume so to hear a potential motorcyclist approaching from the rear.


The speed limits are established for specific reasons, all of which are safety focused. Exceeding the limits can cause car accidents quickly, and many times they are fatal accidents. The adage that “speed kills” is real when on the highway even when it is necessary to stay in flow with congested traffic.

Following too closely

Another problem many drivers create is following a vehicle too closely. This has resulted in countless accident deaths, and all Oklahoma motor vehicle accident attorneys strongly advise against it. Too many attorneys have represented clients in both personal injury and wrongful death cases when drivers have been following too closely behind a vehicle.

Of course, the biggest mistake for all Oklahoma motorists to avoid is driving under the influence. This is a choice and a personal decision, and it is never a good one even when below the legal BAC limit.