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Distracted driving: What drivers who crash are looking at

Way too many accidents happen due to distracted driving. And while most of the movement to curb distracted driving for states like Oklahoma is toward criminalizing texting while behind the wheel, there are other issues that should be limited in order to reduce distracted driving even further. And they are actually much more traditional than most Oklahoma residents realize.


Oklahoma is indeed a beautiful state with many sights to see, but seeing those sights should be limited to times when not behind the wheel of an automobile. Many car accidents in the state happen when people are literally looking at everything except what they should be watching, which is the highway and all surrounding vehicles on the road.

Eating and drinking while driving

The commute to work can be a very convenient time to grab a breakfast sandwich or drink coffee along the way, but these practices can also be a distraction too. Drinking coffee is probably an acceptable act while driving, but eating should be done while sitting still. Snacks like potato chips may be acceptable as well. However, many motor vehicle accidents happen when a driver is eating or drinking.

Listening to loud music

Another issue while driving is being able to hear the sounds around the vehicle while in transit. This is very important for those on motorcycles that do not have a loud exhaust. Some bikes are very quiet and can come upon other motorists with no warning. Loud music can impede the ability to recognize these bikers, which can quickly lead to serious and deadly accidents.

These are just a few traditional distracted driving issues that motorists should avoid. The best individual driving policy is always both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.