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CPSC warning to parents about dangerous infant chairs

Parents in Oklahoma want to ensure that everything they buy for their babies is safe. Recently, a warning was issued about a popular baby chair being dangerous in certain situations.

What is the product, and why is there an alert?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission along with manufacturer Fisher-Price have issued a warning to consumers about potential dangers of the Newborn-to-Toddler Rockers chairs for babies. These products are inclined to hold babies ranging from infancy to toddler age. The warning came after 13 babies died while sleeping in the chairs.

According to research performed on rocker type baby chairs, a baby can flip over and even suffocate while in them. The CPSC stated that infants should only sleep on surfaces that have an angle of 10 degrees or less. This guidance went into effect on June 23, 2022.

What is the history of these products?

Fisher-Price’s Rocker chair products have been sold in the millions since the 1990s. They have a history of being popular among parents but are not considered safe for sleeping. Since the tragic deaths of the 13 babies, the CPSC advises that any product that has an incline should never be used for sleeping. If a baby is in one of the chairs and falls asleep, it’s crucial for parents and guardians to carefully monitor them, remove them from the chair and place them in a crib or other accommodation with a firm, flat surface.

Additions to the sleeping surface such as pillows and stuffed animals should be avoided to keep the baby safe. Babies should also be placed on their backs to sleep until they are at least one year old. Parents should never take their infants into their own beds to sleep with them as it could lead to rolling over and crushing or smothering them.

Fisher-Price has not recalled the Rocker chair products but urges parents to carefully monitor their babies whenever they are in them.