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Concerns about distracted drivers

Distracted driving continues to cause numerous collisions in Oklahoma and across the United States. Serious dangers loom when drivers do not pay attention to the road. The problem may worsen since new technology intended to add more infotainment features could result in more distractions. So, other motorists need to remain alert to the signs of this type of behavior.

Distracting behaviors

Some examples of distracted driving rise to the level of gross negligence. For example, someone who texts on a smartphone while traveling down the road at 45 mph shows little regard for others’ safety. However, even split-second distractions might lead to a crash. A driver glancing at the police giving someone a ticket may divert attention enough to cause a crash.

In the above situations, a driver’s eyes won’t be on the road. Noticing a driver looking sideways or down could indicate they’ve become lost in distractions.

And what’s in the driver’s hands? Drinking coffee during the morning rush-hour commute or combing their hair hardly reflects prudent moves when hoping to avoid a collision.

Is the driver paying more attention to someone else in the vehicle? Talking to a fellow passenger or using hands-free communication can create the same problem. And look out for pets moving about inside the car. Allowing a pet to run inside a car without restraints may be dangerous.

Distracted drivers and accidents

Cognitive, manual, and visual distractions may contribute to motor vehicle accidents. The liable party may face civil litigation even if only property damage results. Many collisions involving a distracted driver result in injuries and even death.

Auto liability insurance could cover the losses after a distracted driving accident. A settlement may compensate for property damage and any bodily injury a victim suffers.