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Some reasons for truck accidents

Truck accidents rank among the most potentially deadly collisions on Oklahoma roads. A massive tractor-trailer could cause crushing damage to smaller vehicles in a crash. Other dangers, such as loose loads or tires blowing out, might result in severe injuries. Those concerned about avoiding a truck collision may need to study the more common reasons for them to occur. Knowing why the collisions take place might assist with prevention.

Reasons for truck accidents

Many truck accidents result from driver mistakes, and these errors could take numerous forms. The deliberate decision to commit a moving violation may lead to an accident, as speeding and unsafe lane changes create dangers. A speeding semi-truck might not have enough stopping distance to bring the vehicle to a halt in time. Tailgating vehicles creates a worse situation when the truck driver must hit the brake unexpectedly.

Distracted driving remains a pervasive problem among commercial drivers. A truck driver who isn’t paying attention to the road or driving safely could cause an accident — being too concerned with listening to a podcast or eating while driving might lead to such collisions.

Intoxicated driving could cause a crash as well. Intoxication might result from taking over-the-counter medicines and is not limited to using alcohol or illegal drugs.

Further reasons for truck crashes

Poor maintenance sometimes results in accidents. Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles often require consistent maintenance to increase safety. Driving a semi-truck with worn brakes or engine problems could be dangerous.

Sometimes, the driver might need more skill or experience to drive a truck. Passing a CDL license test does not automatically mean the person is competent for the job.

Competency also includes knowing when there are problems with the cargo. Not realizing loose cargo undermines a vehicle’s performance could be negligence.