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Which types of car accidents are the most deadly?

Most Oklahoma residents aim to drive safely to protect themselves, their passengers and others. Unfortunately, car accidents do happen and you can’t predict what others will do or prevent every collision.

These are the most deadly types of car accidents:

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions rank as one of the most fatal types of car accidents. When two vehicles hit from the front, the occupants can suffer severe impact and hit their heads. This type of crash is even more serious when one vehicle is significantly larger and heavier than the other. For example, a small passenger car and SUV colliding can even more easily result in death to the people inside the smaller vehicle.

T-bone accidents

A T-bone accident is very common and can kill the occupant on the side of the vehicle that’s hit. Death is even more likely to result if one or both cars are traveling at faster speeds. The reason why T-bone accidents are so dangerous is that the sides of vehicles don’t have as much ability to absorb the impact as the front and back.

Rollover accidents

Fatalities can easily occur when a rollover accident happens. A vehicle can flip onto its side or roof if a driver loses control and hits an object at a high rate of speed. Occupants can be thrown from the vehicle if they aren’t wearing seatbelts. However, even those who are wearing a seatbelt can be crushed or suffer other severe fatal injuries.

Off-road crashes

One of the most deadly car accidents takes a vehicle off the road. A vehicle can crash into a stationary object or fall from a distance. These accidents often occur because of drunk driving, fatigued driving, weather conditions or distracted driving.

All car accidents can cause injury. If you suffered a collision, seeking medical attention might make all the difference in your condition.