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Truck driver data can increase road safety

Oklahoma road accidents involving trucks can be particularly serious because of the size of the trucks compared to other vehicles. Drivers and passengers in cars or on motorcycles or bicycles may suffer catastrophic injuries as a result. However, a think tank known as the American Transportation Research Institute has unsurprisingly found that truck drivers who have a history of reckless behavior behind the wheel are more likely to be involved in an accident in the future.

Reckless behaviors

In its 2022 report, the ATRI found that there were five behaviors in particular that raised the chances that the truck driver would be involved in a crash in the future by more than 100%, including involvement in a prior crash. Convictions related to lane changing or signal use along with not yielding right of ways and general reckless driving violations were the other strong predictors.

Benefits for all

Trucking companies can use this data when hiring and training drivers to help ensure that they are safer. This does not necessarily mean that companies should not hire drivers who have any record of violations at all. Instead, when drivers have particular violations on their records, the companies can focus on training that eliminates that behavior. The result would not only be safer roads for everyone but a lower overall cost to the trucking companies. While there may be higher costs associated with the training, it is still less than the costs companies would incur in truck accidents, especially one where their driver is at fault.

Increased road safety

Greater road safety is of concern to everyone, including safety advocates, commercial drivers and transportation companies as well as ordinary people who use the roads for everything from driving to cycling to walking. More data about potentially dangerous behavior can be useful in reducing hazards.