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How to help reduce the shocking rise of trucking accidents

You’ll see plenty of large commercial vehicles driving on Oklahoma roadways. While most drivers understand keeping a safe distance from commercial trucks, many factors continue to lead to a rise in accidents and fatalities involving these massive vehicles.

The rise of commercial truck crashes since 2009

From 2009 to 2019, injuries from trucking accidents soared by 115%. During this same time, truck crashes causing fatalities increased by 48%. There was an understandable drop in truck accidents during 2020 and part of 2021. However, researchers found that commercial truck injuries and fatalities would begin rising as the world opened back up.

The main factors contributing to increased truck accidents

The first factor involves infrastructure throughout Oklahoma and the rest of the nation. While large companies have enough money to pay for fleets, governments have many more factors to focus on with their funding. This situation leaves brand-new trucks driving on old or dangerously worn roads, highways, and bridges.

The second factor remains the distracting nature of smartphones and similar devices. In addition, large trucks are more difficult to drive than standard cars. These factors can lead to momentary distractions, which often result in truck drivers colliding with other vehicles. Experts note that even using hands-free devices doesn’t eliminate distractions.

The final factor involves fatigued commercial truck drivers. Companies everywhere work to shorten delivery times for customers. However, this worldwide rush to get orders out can put unwanted stress on the drivers in charge of these deliveries. Sometimes, this rush results in overworked and fatigued truck drivers on the road.

Experts are calling on trucking companies to reduce commercial vehicle collisions. By not giving drivers grueling schedules and developing stronger safety policies, roads could be safer for everyone.