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Immediate medical bills may not be your only concern after injury

When someone gets injured in an accident that is someone else’s responsibility, they are often interested in seeking compensation for medical bills. For instance, maybe you slipped and fell in a store and you believe the store owner was liable. Or maybe you were hit by another driver at an intersection, and you believe that driver was responsible for your injuries.

It is true that you deserve compensation for the medical bills stemming from that incident. In a car accident, for instance, there could be the cost of taking an ambulance ride to the hospital, along with the treatment that you got in the ER. You may also lose wages if you spend time recovering and can’t immediately return to work.

Beyond the immediate cost

But if you’re seeking compensation from that driver, make sure that you don’t focus exclusively on the immediate costs. There may be much more to consider in the future.

One example of this is if your injuries mean that you are going to earn less money or you can’t return to work at all. You may deserve compensation for your lost earning capacity or lost earning potential.

Another example is if your injuries mean that you will need long-term medical treatment. Maybe you have chronic pain, so you will always have to go to physical rehabilitation and take specific medications. In serious cases like spinal cord injuries, there can be tens of thousands of dollars just in yearly costs for those living with such an injury.

Seeking compensation

While every situation is unique, this helps to demonstrate why it’s so important to seek full compensation after an injury. Don’t overlook long-term costs. Take the time to carefully look into your legal options.