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Several companies have issued helmet recalls

Before getting on a bicycle, it’s important to ensure you are wearing all of the appropriate riding gear. Helmets are especially crucial for protecting our heads when we go for a ride.

Whether they purchase a helmet from a large box store or a specialty bike retailer, parents expect it to protect their children’s heads from injury. However, several manufacturers have issued recalls in recent months.

The importance of helmet safety

Bicycle helmets are designed to protect cyclists from head injuries in the event of a crash, making them an essential piece of safety equipment for riders of all ages and skill levels. Cyclists without a helmet are three times more likely to die from a head injury sustained in a crash. Twenty-two states have laws that require the use of bicycle helmets for younger riders.

Unfortunately, when defects occur in these helmets’ design, manufacturing or materials, their ability to protect riders can be significantly compromised.

Since the beginning of January 2024, five companies have issued recalls due to violations of the federal safety regulations for bicycle helmets. In total, over 85,000 helmets have been recalled. Common problems include:

  • Faulty strap or buckle systems that could cause the helmet to detach.
  • Inadequate shock absorption.
  • Structural weaknesses that could result in the helmet fracturing upon impact.

Every parent fears their child suffering a life-altering injury in a crash. These recalls are a crucial reminder of the importance of regularly inspecting their children’s helmets and staying informed about safety recalls.

You can check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website to see if your helmet or children’s helmet is subject to a recall. The site will also provide contact information for the manufacturer and the recommended course of action.

Most importantly, you can spread the word among friends, family and parent groups to raise awareness and protect the children in your community.