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Will proposed law on left-lane driving make Oklahoma roads safer?

Did you know that it’s illegal to drive in the left lane in Oklahoma unless you’re doing so only for a brief time in order to pass a slower vehicle in the right lane? Most drivers aren’t aware of this law. That’s in part because police rarely pull over and ticket people for doing this unless they’re going so slowly that they’re causing traffic to back up behind them.

While people driving for too long and too slowly in the left lane may not be a direct cause of many crashes on Oklahoma roads, it can definitely cause frustration among other drivers. That can, in turn, lead to crashes – either because they end up speeding to make up time they’ve lost behind a slow driver or their frustration rises to the level of road rage.

Minimizing road rage incidents is one of the reasons given by Oklahoma lawmakers who are seeking to change the law to make it more specific. This can make it easier for police to ticket those who are violating it. Although the cost of a ticket for driving in the left lane would decrease under the proposed law, those behind it believe they’ll make up the revenue in the quantity of tickets handed out.

Specified time limits for passing

Specifically, the legislation would place a time limit on how long a driver can remain in the left lane. Cars, pick-ups and other passenger vehicles would have one minute. Large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers would have two minutes. It’s estimated that the average time it takes a vehicle to pass is half the proposed limits.

It remains to be seen whether the legislation passes – although it’s garnered a great deal of support. If the law does change, we’ll have to wait and see if it makes our roads safer. However, it seems like doing anything that alleviates some driver frustration – even if that frustration doesn’t escalate to road rage that causes people to intentionally hit another car or chase it off the road – is a positive step.

As the summer heats up and tempers rise, you can count on some people to do dangerous things on the road – even intentionally harming other motorists. If you’ve suffered injuries caused by a reckless driver, you have the right to justice and compensation. Getting experienced legal guidance is a good first step.