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Death of 7-month-old prompts medical malpractice claim

Parents in Oklahoma and other states would likely agree that losing a child is one of the worst experiences any parents can go through, made more traumatic if the child is only months old. The parents of a 7-month-old baby in another state recently filed a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against a medical facility and some of its staff members. According to the complaint, the parents accuse the defendants of negligence.

Medical malpractice: Common medical mistakes

Patients in Oklahoma and elsewhere typically trust medical professionals like doctors and nurses to provide care that meets accepted standards. Although wrong limb operations and instruments left inside patients during surgery receive a lot of media attention, they do not happen as often as other less sensational medical errors. The majority of medical malpractice claims result from a few common mistakes made by medical professionals.

ERs are overcrowded, increasing patient risk

For a long time, hospitals and ERs in Oklahoma and across the U.S. have had to struggle with overcrowding, and this continues to put patients at risk. As early as 2007, the Institute of Medicine noted that overcrowding can lead to life-threatening delays in treatment. It is also linked to delays in the administration of medication and to various medical errors, especially diagnostic errors.

Medical errors are one of the world's leading causes of death

A recent health care report suggests that about one in 10 hospital patients in Oklahoma and around the country are harmed because of a medical mistake of some kind. Roughly half of these errors are preventable, and almost a third of them result in the patient's death. These were just a few of the sobering discoveries that researchers from the World Health Organization made when they looked into the quality of health care available in 36 countries.

Study reinforces how not all memory loss is caused by Alzheimer's

According to the Alzheimer's Association, some 40% of dementia cases are not due to Alzheimer's but to other conditions. Memory loss can even be attributed to traumatic brain injuries that were incurred years before. Oklahoma residents should know that a UCLA study has not only reinforced this fact but also found a way to distinguish between memory loss caused by Alzheimer's and that caused by TBIs.

Study finds male breast cancer patients less likely to survive

Male breast cancer patients in Oklahoma and elsewhere are less likely to survive than female patients, according to a new study by researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. The study was published in JAMA Oncology on Sept. 19.

How a person could be harmed by medical malpractice

If people in Oklahoma and elsewhere are harmed because of a medical error, they may be victims of medical malpractice. One of its most common forms is the misdiagnosing a health issue. When someone is misdiagnosed, he or she may not receive proper treatment in a timely manner. In fact, an individual may not receive any treatment at all. This could result in unnecessary pain, medical bills and other negative consequences.

Preventing dangerous misdiagnosis in vasculitis cases

Vasculitis can be a major concern for people in Oklahoma and around the country. The inflammation of the blood vessels associated with the disorder can lead to their destruction, so physicians will want to move quickly to treat it. Vasculitis is often a type of auto-immune disorder, in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissue. In some cases, it arises from a serious infection. However, while treatment of vasculitis is critical to achieve positive outcomes, a misdiagnosis of the disorder can lead to even more dangerous situations for patients. Experts warn that there are several other conditions that can be mistaken for vasculitis.

SSC one-hour sepsis treatment guideline creates controversy

Hospital emergency departments in Oklahoma and across the U.S. can take advantage of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign care bundle in their effort to more quickly diagnose and treat sepsis. The care bundle comes with a one-hour treatment guideline to be followed once the patient has been triaged.

Misdiagnosis the leading cause of serious medical mistakes

One in every three medical malpractice cases that result in permanent disability or death in Oklahoma and elsewhere is caused by misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, according to a new study published in the journal Diagnosis. That means inaccurate diagnosis is a leading cause of serious medical mistakes.

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