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Dog Bite Injury Claims

In the absence of provocation, the owners of dogs which attack people are responsible for injuries caused by their animals. Dog bites can happen in any type of situation ranging from an encounter with a strange dog in an unfamiliar setting or even while visiting a relative or neighbor who owns a dog. It is impossible to say a dog would never attack.

The injuries from a dog attack can range from the minor to the severe and even fatal in extreme situations. Because of the nature of the injuries caused in dog attacks, plastic surgery may be necessary in addition to simply healing the underlying injuries.

Our firm is skilled in pursuing the full compensation you or your child deserves after a dog attack.

Was Your Child Bitten By A Dog?

The physical and emotional impact of a dog attack is often amplified for a child. Children are often the victims of dog attacks, in part, because they are not as readily able to identify threatening behavior by the dog that adults understand means to stay away. Making cases where children are attacked by dogs more prevalent and difficult are factors such as:

  • Being short, children are much more likely to sustain bites to the face or neck.
  • Children may be more susceptible to emotional trauma from the attack itself and from having to deal with any scarring to visible areas like the face.

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Lawton, Oklahoma, Lawyers Helping Those Who Have Been Injured In Dog Attacks

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