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The Right Attorney Makes A Big Difference

There are few other times in your life when the choices you make will have as much impact as those you make when you have suffered a serious injury. The quality of your recovery could easily be dictated by the quality of the attorneys with whom you work.

The cost of medical care for serious injuries is very high. Your ability to secure the highest-quality medical care may depend on the compensation that you are able to secure from the party responsible for your injuries.

Reputation Backed By Results

We’ve won some of the largest settlements in Oklahoma history.

$20.0 Million

A long time local farmer was struck and hit by a tractor-trailer owned by Petro Energy Transport Co. hauling air fuel. He sustained massive injuries leading to a stroke. The jury returned a verdict for $20,000,000 and granted his wife a loss of consortium claim of $4,000,000.

$10 Million

We have represented numerous families whose children have been injured at birth through the negligence of the physicians or hospitals, often both. Because of the confidential agreements involved in these cases, we are not permitted to discuss the exact amounts of these settlements. These cases combined were in excess of $10 Million.

$7.4 Million

We represented the heirs of a deceased Tulsa businessman against a physician and a major hospital in a case involving anesthetic leading to coma and death.

$7.2 Million

Man was involved in a head-on automobile collision involving the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He sustained a brain injury and massive injuries. A trial was held before a Federal Judge, who granted a verdict in the amount of $7,200,000.

$6.2 Million

A worker was welding and started a wild fire that ultimately consumed approximately 40 square miles of land, numerous residences and structures on and adjacent to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. A lawsuit was filed by forty-three Plaintiffs in Comanche County and ultimately a judgment was received in the amount of $6,200,000.

$4.5 Million

Client’s vehicle was rear ended by a bus driver by an employee of the coach line causing his death.

$4.5 Million

For inducement of fraud in the sale of client’s funeral home business. Client was able to keep the purchase price paid to him plus the jury awarded him $4.5 Million for the fraudulent conduct of E.C.I.

$3.4 Million

Client was run over by a Moffett forklift and received a broken ankle which became infected and developed complications which led to his death.

$2 Million

We represented a bakery owner who sued a multi-billion dollar international corporation for a fraud perpetrated upon him by the corporation in an attempt to resolve their disputes. The jury returned a verdict for $2,000,050 and a punitive aware in the amount of $1,425,000.
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The Attorneys You Need When It Matters Most

Building an effective case that is able to help an injured person obtain the full compensation that he or she is entitled to takes skill, experience, dedication and talent. Knowing the law is not enough. An effective personal injury attorney has to know how to hold insurance companies accountable for the full impact of the injuries that were suffered.

The best personal injury attorneys also know how to make the courtroom work for their clients – how to make a judge and jury understand how an accident has changed someone’s life and what it will take to help that person become whole again.

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Our attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience and have won some of the largest settlements in Oklahoma history.
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