Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers

There are few other times in your life when the choices you make will have as much impact as when you have suffered a serious injury. The quality of your recovery could easily be dictated by the quality of the attorneys you work with.

The cost of medical care for serious injuries is very high. Your ability to secure the highest-quality medical care may depend on the compensation you are able to secure from the party responsible for your injuries.

Building an effective case that is able to help an injured person obtain the full compensation he or she is entitled to takes skill, experience, dedication and talent. Knowing the law is not enough. An effective personal injury attorney has to know how to hold insurance companies accountable for the full impact of the injuries which were suffered. The best personal injury attorneys also know how to make the courtroom work for their clients — how to make a judge and jury understand how an accident has changed someone's life and what it will take to help that person become whole again.

The Attorneys You Need When It Matters Most

Attorney John Zelbst has been working to help those who have been injured in accidents since 1980. During those decades of helping people, he has developed a set of skills and experience that allow him to offer real hope and real help to people. That help includes having won the largest personal injury verdict in an Oklahoma state court, $24 million. It also includes having won the largest Federal Court Judge verdict in the amount of $7 million.

John is joined by attorney Chandra Holmes Ray and attorney David Butler. Each of them bring decades of experience that they use to help their clients effectively pursue the maximum compensation for their injuries.

We are excited to announce that Clay Rowe Zelbst will be joining our firm on January 1, 2017 after a successful several year practice in the areas of personal injury and criminal law in Texas.

To learn more about our record of success, read about the results we have been able to generate for our clients and what they have to say about working with us on our testimonials page.

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