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For Maximum Financial Recovery After An Oklahoma Truck Collision

Trucking collisions are different than most motor vehicle collisions in a number of ways, as described below.

Catastrophic And Fatal Injuries In Truck Accidents

A fully loaded semi can weigh 80,000 pounds compared to an average of around 4,000 pounds for the typical passenger car. When that much weight impacts at highway speeds, the effect on the vehicle’s occupants can be devastating. Extensive medical care may be necessary for years. A full recovery may never be possible.

Insurance Companies’ Resistance To Compensation

The insurance companies know how expensive the care is for people who have suffered the types of injuries trucking collisions often cause. They begin working immediately to build a case that will shield them from having to pay out the substantial compensation often required in trucking collision claims.

Complex Investigations

Our team has experience working with a wide range of experts such as accident reconstruction experts who can help us understand exactly how the accident happened. We investigate logbooks, black boxes and all other potential sources of evidence that can help our clients.

The Truck Accident Attorneys You Need After A Serious Accident

At Zelbst, Holmes & Butler, our firm is focused on delivering the skilled legal help people need after a truck collision has left them or someone they love injured. We are fierce advocates for our clients who have a reputation that precedes us into negotiations and the courtroom. Since 1980, we have built a record of victories for our clients that includes the largest personal injury jury verdict in Oklahoma history, $24 million, and the largest Federal Court Judge verdict in Oklahoma, $7 million.

We work with life care planners, financial planners and other types of experts who will help us understand your long-term needs so that we can present a case that will help you secure the medical and financial resources you deserve.

Advocating For People Injured In Truck Wrecks In Oklahoma And Elsewhere

Our firm has the skills and experience you need when a trucking collision has left you injured. We can help you effectively pursue the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Lawton-based lawyers, call 580-713-4124 or contact us online.

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