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We place a great deal of faith in the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who provide the care we need. When they fail to provide care that meets the accepted standards for care and people are injured, they need to be held accountable for medical malpractice.

We assist people in pursuing compensation for all types of medical malpractice, including:

  • Birth injuries — There are many ways the birth of a child can become dangerous for the child and the mother. Preventable errors can and do cause permanent injuries or death in many cases.
  • Failure to diagnose — Effective medical care requires accurate and timely diagnosis of the condition being treated.
  • Wrong site surgery — Too often mistakes can lead to surgery being done on the wrong part of the body or even the wrong patient.
  • Foreign object left behind — Surgical gauze, instruments and other materials left inside a person after surgery can cause serious health issues and, at a minimum require additional surgery to remove.
  • Nicked or perforated blood vessels or organs — Surgeons must be especially careful to not inadvertently cut an organ or blood vessel during surgery. Failing to correct such mistakes during surgery can lead to internal bleeding, infection and other serious issues.
  • Emergency room errors — It is all too easy in an emergency room for critical errors to be made.
  • Medication errors — Wrong dose, administering the wrong medication, failing to check for negative medication interactions are just a few of the potentially deadly medication errors that can be made.
  • Nursing home errors — Nursing homes provide a great deal of medical care. When they fail to properly carry out their duties, vulnerable seniors are put at risk.

The Advocates You Need When It Matters Most

At Zelbst, Holmes & Butler, we have the necessary experience to help you create accountability for the injuries you or a loved one suffered as the result of receiving substandard medical care. Being able to present a strong medical malpractice case requires experience in acquiring and analyzing medical records. Hospitals and clinics are often not forthcoming with evidence that will implicate them. We know what records to go after and how to use them to support your case. We work with various medical experts to help us determine how your medical care deviated from the accepted standards.

Our efforts have provided our clients with exceptional results, including having won the largest personal injury jury verdict in Oklahoma history, $24 million, and the largest Federal Court Judge verdict in Oklahoma, $7 million.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Helping People In Lawton And Throughout Oklahoma

If you or a loved one has been harmed by substandard medical care, we encourage you to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys today. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 580-713-4124 or contact us online.

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