The Attorneys You Need When It Matters Most


John Zelbst is the most fearless lawyer with whom I have ever had the honor to try a case. Nobody takes advantage of his client, and nobody pushes him around in a courtroom. Nobody. His courage as a trial lawyer is matched by his relentless work ethic. He understands that a highly prepared lawyer is the regular person’s only shot at justice against the government or a large corporation. John works while his opponents sleep. This is a man who walks into court locked, loaded, and ready for combat.

John has cunning and instincts that allow him to expose liars better than any lawyer I have ever met. A jury trial is a deadly serious fight, with winners and losers.

At the end of the day, you need to know that real story came out, and didn’t get lost or covered up by lies. If you are a client considering hiring a lawyer, or if you are a lawyer looking for co-counsel, John Zelbst is the man you want fighting alongside you to make sure the truth comes out and justice prevails. You’ll never regret teaming up with the best.”

– Jeffrey Hill
Colorado Springs


David Butler represented my husband and I after we were hit by a semi truck. David’s knowledge of trucking company safety requirements and onboard technologies served to prove negligence on the semi driver. We were awarded a huge settlement and avoided a lengthy trial. David and his amazing staff; Alisa, Tammy, Rachel and Pauline were so supportive. They kept us well informed and were always available for questions or concerns. I strongly urge anyone that is need of a top notch attorney to seek assistance from Zelbst Holmes and Butler!”

– Traci and Billy Adamson


“I was appointed the Special Administrator of my father’s estate, Jimmy Hill, to file an action for his wrongful death.  This was filed in Federal Court, Eastern District of Oklahoma.  The case was extremely difficult due to the circumstances surrounding my father’s death.  David Butler and John Zelbst worked tirelessly to bring justice to myself and my family.  A judgement was received at the Federal Court level but was appealed by the Defendant to the 10th Circuit Court.  We appeared at the 10th Circuit Court in Denver for oral argument, and Chandra Holmes Ray spoke to the Justices.  Her arguments to the Justices spoke volumes — the Court affirmed my judgment.

Without hesitation I would recommend this law firm.  The attorneys and their support staff were extremely kind and courteous to me at all times.  By the end of the case I felt as if we were all family.”

Michael Hill


“In July, 2012, four years ago, we suffered a devastating fire that burnt 1,800 acres of our ranch and 480 acres of leased land four miles north of us.  I had to sell 180 cows, 10 bulls, and 175 calves immediately after the fire.  I lost miles of fence, 2 corrals, 1 barn, and income for Four years.  I met with adjusters several times over the next six months.  It became apparent we were miles apart on a settlement.  I put together a group of ten people and went to three law firms.  When we met with John Zelbst and his team, we knew we were in great hands.  I didn’t know how long it would take to settle.  I didn’t care how long it took, as long as it was settled fairly.  After signing up with John and his team, I didn’t lose any more sleep.

Three years and ten months later, we settled for more than I ever imagined.  I am fixing my ranch back to where it should be, I gave my children some money, I put money aside for my three granddaughters, and I will forever be grateful for the settlement John and his team got for me and my family.”

Steve Woody


“After I received catastrophic injuries in a near fatal collision my family reluctantly asked David Butler to pursue a lawsuit.  It was a complicated case involving four drivers, two commercial trucking companies, multiple states, and my medical bills totaling over $2.5 million.  What I appreciate most, besides the settlement that provides needed aid for my family, is the compassion that I received from David Butler and John Zelbst.  The case took a long time through physically and emotionally agonizing months for me, but in every conversation with my legal team I received patience, kindness and honesty.  It is my wish that no ever needs legal representation due to a tragedy, but I’ve experienced how critically important it is in such cases to choose attorneys who posses both expertise and empathy.  The team at Zelbst, Holmes & Butler provides both generously.”

Elisa Hays


“Johnny Zelbst is one of the last great trial lawyers in America. He is a passionate advocate for his clients, a true believer in the jury system and proponent of the Rule of Law applied equally to all. I have gotten to know him over the years as a friend and as co-counsel when we were out-manned, out-gunned, and out-financed. In spite of those odds, Johnny fought tooth and nail for our clients and we came out on top. I have and will continue to recommend Johnny Zelbst to my colleagues, friends and family when they require a zealous advocate.”

– Channy F. Wood


“It’s no big surprise John Zelbst is such a successful attorney. He has a heart of gold and he lets everyone see it. Juries believe him because he wears no mask.”

– Hunter Thomas Hillin


“When I first found John and David, I had all but given up hope. After trying lawyer after lawyer who just didn’t listen to my story, I came upon David’s number. After listening to the information about my case David and John flew straight out to meet me and learn more about me and my family. After the loss we suffered, more work was the last thing we wanted. They took all the worry off of us and got straight to work helping us find justice for our loved one. John, David and the entire staff at their office helped us quickly and efficiently and kept me informed at all times. They were exceedingly professional and friendly. With David’s insight and Johns understanding and the compassion of all their employees they took wonderful care of my family and gave us an outcome we could only dream of. These men are true professionals and a credit to the legal industry. Amen to them and all their hard work.”

-Rick Coggins


“I enjoyed working with David Butler.  He and his staff took really good care of me and my personal injury case.  I would not want to hire any other attorney firm.”

-Daniel Horton