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The CVSA inspection blitz has a new date for 2020

Oklahoma truck drivers likely want to know that the annual International Roadcheck inspection blitz performed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has been announced. The inspection is usually held during the first week in June. However, this year it is scheduled for May 5-7.

This 72-hour event was moved up to allow some jurisdictions to enjoy better weather. Inspectors look at both driver qualifications and trucks. When inspecting trucks, they conduct the North American Standard Level I inspection that includes a full 37 points. Law enforcement will look at brake systems, exhaust systems, fuel systems, cargo securement, suspension, tires, driveline components, lights, and steering.

During the 72-hour inspection spree that took place in 2019, 12,000 trucks were taken out of service because of some type of violation. About 2,700 drivers were placed out of service as well. Some of the violations involved false logs and wrong class licenses. More than 32% of drivers had violations regarding hours of service. During the 2020 inspection, inspectors will look at driver requirements that include ELD compliance, medical cards, CDLs, seat belts and records of duty status. After a truck has successfully gone through an inspection, a decal will be placed in the window. This CVSA decal shows that a certified inspector checked all points following the standard.

The goal of this event is to prevent accidents by making sure that drivers and trucks are safe. Unfortunately, there are times when truck accidents occur. They may be caused by speeding, a drunk truck driver, negligent truck maintenance or truck driver fatigue. Occupants of other vehicles who have been injured as a result might want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their medical bills and other losses.